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Compelling messaging and strategic media relations are integral to achieving your goals. At The Lockhart Group, we recognize the critical intersection of policy, politics, and perception.

Our communications specialists work closely with you to develop digital media and public relations plans that integrate earned and owned media strategies to build awareness of your brand and target your message to key influencers.

Why Public Relations Consultants?

Your relationship with the public is critical to your success. The public’s perception of you and your organization is based almost entirely on the messaging that you create. Every social media post, press release, marketing strategy, and advertisement will deliver a message. The culmination of this messaging will be the public’s perception of you.

The impact of your message is critical to your success so you need to ensure that it is accurate and meaningful. People are bombarded with information and it is difficult to get your message through with all the noise. That is why it is critical that you choose a message that will have the highest impact and be memorable. 

The Lockhart Group can assist with public relations by helping you determine what message you want to share about your organization or business. We can help you find the most effective way to communicate your message.

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Media Relations

Your relationships with the media provide a method for disseminating your information. You can create press releases, participate in interviews,  and write letters to the editor. These provide media channels with a compact, pre-packed method to disseminate information. You can share updates, news, and critical information with the public through this method.

You can also create public information stories that the media can share. These stories can focus on current issues or concerns while drawing attention to your organization.

The Lockhart Group can assist with media relations to help you create consumable information that can be shared with the media. We can also help you create a media relations strategy to determine the frequency and formats of your media.

Social Media

One of the most common ways that the public learns about organizations is through social media. In general, people can choose to block advertising and outreach by throwing away flyers, purchasing premium music streaming services that don’t have advertisements, and not answering phone calls from unknown phone numbers. 

Social media provides you a way to connect with customers in a way that is more organic and fits in with what they are already doing. They already have a routine where they are checking in with social media and they will see your updates. Social media is a great way to stay in constant communication with your customers. Social media can include a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more. 

Most businesses and organizations have social media accounts where they can share information with their followers. However, before you can share the information, you need to create a following, which means that you need to make them aware of your account and get them to follow you. Once you create your social media accounts, building your following will be your first priority.

The Lockhart Group can assist with social media to help you connect with your customers in an organic way and build relationships. 

Crisis Communication

One of the most difficult things for a business or organization is dealing with a crisis. When things get difficult and suddenly your organization is in the news, it is important to quickly get a statement out about what is happening.

 When there is a crisis, every minute is important and you need to get messaging out before other people start reporting on the crisis. When reporting on the crisis, ideally news media wants to include a statement from the organization involved. If you want to avoid people speculating and reduce the probability of amplifying the problem, you need to get a statement out immediately. 

The Lockhart Group can help with crisis communication to ensure that you are providing messaging in an efficient manner. 

Content Development and Management

If you want to get your message across, first you must have a message. In order to create that message, you need content. Every piece of information about your organization or company will need to be created. You will want it to be well-written, informative, succinct, and persuasive. 

But before you can start writing that content, you will need to have a content development strategy to determine what content is most important.

  • What questions are your customers asking?
  • What are their needs?
  • How can you address these in content that will bring them to your website?
  • How will you disseminate the information effectively?
  • Will you use social media, press releases, and a blog?
  • Will you put it up on your webpage?
  • How will you share it?

Content development is far more than writing blog posts. It takes some strategic planning to determine what content you need and where you need to share it. 

The Lockhart Group has experience with content strategy, development, and management. We can help you create a content management strategy to create content that will help reach your potential and current customers. We will help you create the messaging that will reach your audience.


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