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utah legislative process

6 Tips for Navigating the Utah Legislative Process from Experienced Lobbyists

How does a bill go from an idea to a signed document on the governor’s desk? You need to understand the Utah legislative process in order to […]

Utah State Capitol

Utah Lobbying Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Transparent and In Compliance: The Importance of Following Lobbying Guidelines When lobbying, it is critical to be aware of the regulations and laws pertaining to lobbying in […]

Who Will the Republican Party Choose for the 2024 Republican Candidate?

Examining the Past to Predict the 2024 Republican Candidate As our nation looks to the 2024 Presidential election, an examination of the not-so-distant past can also give […]

Utah healthcare workers

Inequities in Utah Healthcare

What inequities do you see in Utah healthcare? What issues concern you? What things do you wish could be changed to improve the patient experience? Everyone has […]

A worker grinds metal in compliance with manufacturing regulations.

Lobbying for Manufacturing Regulations, Taxes, and Other Issues

With the development of new technologies that allow firms to produce at a faster and more efficient rate comes the creation of taxes and manufacturing regulations that […]

Lobbying Techniques to Influence Change

One of the most effective ways to make your voice heard in the political arena is through the help of a lobbyist. While it is extremely important […]

Lobbying and Tech Companies

The Impact of Technology  The world’s dependence on technology has become more prevalent in recent years, its purpose being to disrupt the traditional processes we follow in […]

Communication Strategies inside the Utah State Capitol

How Does Lobbying Benefit the Government?

Lobbyists are Topic Specialists How does lobbying benefit the government? Well, lobbyists are topic specialists. When they are working with a client, they take the time to […]

How Lobbying Works

Understanding how lobbying works is very important. Lobbying is a popular method for influencing change. Lobbyists have helped thousands if not millions of companies and organizations get […]

What is a Referendum?

What is a Referendum and Why Does it Matter?  A referendum gives the people the opportunity to oppose something that the legislature has passed. It matters because […]

Working with Lobbyists: 5 Steps to Success

Working with Lobbyists: A Five-Step Process  Lobbyists work to facilitate the process of change and improvement in a variety of different environments and circumstances. Whether it be […]

utah legislative process

What is Direct Lobbying?

Direct Lobbying vs Grassroots Lobbying Sometimes you will hear people using different terminology for lobbying. Terms like grassroots lobbying or direct lobbying. What is the difference between […]

Education Lobbyists: What do They Do?

Since schools are already overseen by organizations like the state school board and accreditation organizations, what exactly can an education lobbyist do? Education lobbyists are powerful because […]

Grassroots Lobbyists vs. Traditional Lobbyists

Grassroots lobbying focuses on using the voice of the people to create change by getting the public involved and spreading awareness. Whereas a traditional lobbyist will focus […]

How to Hire a Lobbyist

When hiring a lobbyist, you want to make sure that you chose someone who is a good fit for you. You may not want to hire a […]

Lobbyist vs. Advocate

What is the difference between a lobbyist and an advocate? What is a Lobbyist? A lobbyist is someone who solves problems with the government. They work with […]

How Can a Lobbyist Help Me?

A lobbyist’s purpose is to solve problems with the government. If your organization or business has a government-related issue, a lobbyist can help you find a solution. […]

Are Lobbyists Lawyers?

Are Lobbyists Lawyers? Sometimes people get confused about the difference between a lobbyist and a lawyer. Are lobbyists lawyers? The simple answer is no. Lawyer: Counsel Regarding […]

What is a Lobbyist

Have you ever asked yourself “What is a lobbyist?” A lobbyist helps clients navigate the complexities of government.  Lobbying goes far outside of the lobby of the […]

sean reyes part 2

Sean Reyes: Utah’s Attorney General Part 2

What Does An Attorney General Do?  I asked Sean Reyes to explain what an attorney general does. Sean explained, “There’s a lot of the job description but […]

Sean Reyes Blog

Part 1 Sean Reyes: Where I Come From and the Journey to Attorney General

Sean Reyes is currently serving as Utah’s Attorney General. In 2013, after the resignation of Attorney General John Swallow, Sean was appointed as the Attorney General by […]

Mike Winder Local Matters

Mike Winder: Local Matters

Behind the Scenes: Getting to Know Our Elected Officials: In the podcast, we try to get a little behind the scenes of what happens in politics, one […]

Podcast with Mayor Mark Johnson

A Vision for the Future of Lehi with Lehi Mayor Mark Johnson

Lehi Mayor Mark Johnson’s Story I think it’s important to know that our leaders are average, everyday people who have just decided they want to make a […]

Nathan Ivie Podcast Image

Nathan Ivie: Reflections on Serving as a Utah County Commissioner

Nathan Ivie came on the scene pretty quickly in 2015 when he ran for Utah County Commissioner’s Office. He served as a Utah Commissioner from 2016-2020. Equine […]

Bill Wright Payson Mayor

Payson Mayor Bill Wright: Finding a Balance

Bill Wright, Payson Mayor: Finding a Balance I wanted to have Mayor Wright on the podcast because he is the mayor of a fast-growing city in South […]

Sue Duckworth

Sue Duckworth: I’m Not a Label Girl

Friends for 22 Years Sue Duckworth and I have known each other for 22 years.  We got to know each other when we were both spouses of […]

Curt Bramble Podcast

Coming Together to Create Solutions: A Conversation with Curt Bramble

Curt Bramble and I have been friends for many years. He is going into his 21st session as a Utah State Senator this year. He was first […]

Brian Tate Podcast

Talking Politics: A Conversation with Brian Tate

I am excited to introduce you to a special guest. Most of the time people who listen to this podcast expect to hear the Governor, or a […]

Val Peterson

Val Peterson: Legislator, UVU Vice President, and Brigadier General

Val Peterson and I have been friends for years. He is an exceptional person and stands out because of his ability to wear so many hats. He […]

Cindie Quintana

Campaigning for Myself: Cindie Quintana and Her Decision to Run

Cindie Quintana and I have been friends for a long time. I was excited for the opportunity to talk to her about her decision to transition from […]

Innovation with Amelia Powers Gardner

The Power of Innovation: A Conversation with Amelia Gardner

Transitioning from Activist to County Official Amelia Gardner started out as an activist and then ran for Utah County Clerk/Auditor. She is still an activist at heart […]

Troy Walker Episode 10

Dealing with the Police: A Conversation with Mayor Troy Walker

Dealing with the Police: A Conversation with Mayor Troy Walker Troy Walker: Mayor of Draper I met Troy Walker through my late wife, Becky. There was no […]

Episode 9: Sydnee Dickson

Leading in Education: Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson

Working Together for Utah Education I’ve known Dr. Sydnee Dickson for a long time. She’s had to put up with me for a while. I’m kind of […]

John Dougall Podcast 8

John Dougall: Keeping Honest People Honest

Unlocking Utah Politics with Stan Lockhart: Episode 8 I had the opportunity to sit down with John Dougall to talk about his role as Utah State Auditor. […]

Deidre henderson episode 7

Deidre Henderson: Need for Women’s Voices in Politics

Deidre Henderson Started Out Working with Jason Chaffetz on His Campaign I first met Deidre Henderson when she was helping out with Jason Chaffetz’s seemingly impossible run […]

todd weiler

Ep: 6 Politics is My Favorite Sport: Todd Weiler

Politics as a Sport I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Senator Todd Weiler. The thing that stood out to me most about our […]

Chris Campbell

Ep 5: Chris Campbell: US Economy and Hope for the Future

Chris Campbell is the former Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He currently serves as Chief Strategist at Duff and Phelps. He is a […]

aimee winder newton

Aimee Winder Newton: Lessons Learned from 2020 Utah Gubernatorial Race

3rd Female Candidate in Utah History to File and Run for Governor: I had the opportunity to visit with Aimee Winder Newton about her recent run for governor. […]

Sideline View of Utah Politics Episode 3: COVID19’s Impact on Burningham’s Campaign

Sideline View of Utah Politics: Part 2 of Conversation with Jeff Burningham  This campaign was unlike any other. Traditionally candidates get into these races and they focus […]

part 2 jeff burningham

Disruption and Growth: My Conversation with Jeff Burningham About His Race for Governor

The Power of Disruption Jeff Burningham talked about the importance of disruption in life. He said, “I needed to disrupt myself a little bit too. I believe […]

John Dougal Info

Sideline View of Politics Podcast Episode#1 Hypocrisy: A Conversation with John Dougall

New Podcast: Sideline View of Politics with John Dougall I’m excited to announce that I’ve started a new podcast called “Sideline View of Politics.” For my inaugural […]

Week Four of the Legislative Session Rolls On

The momentum and pace of the Utah State Legislative session is comparable to the experiences of standing on top of a mountain full of snow and rolling […]

10 Thoughts on Living and Dying

It is the season of strategy models and projections for the upcoming year, and as your organization weighs proposed methods and programs against desired goals and outcomes, you should consider if hiring a government relations lobbyist is the right move.

Why tackle tax reform?

It is the season of strategy models and projections for the upcoming year, and as your organization weighs proposed methods and programs against desired goals and outcomes, you should consider if hiring a government relations lobbyist is the right move.

Looking Forward to the 2020 Utah Legislature Session

It is the season of strategy models and projections for the upcoming year, and as your organization weighs proposed methods and programs against desired goals and outcomes, you should consider if hiring a government relations lobbyist is the right move.

Hire A Lobbyist in the Coming Year: Here are 7 Reasons Why you Might Want to

It is the season of strategy models and projections for the upcoming year, and as your organization weighs proposed methods and programs against desired goals and outcomes, you should consider if hiring a government relations lobbyist is the right move.

The Power of Perpetual Thanksgiving

It has been said that if you give thanks for a little, you will find a lot. As I reflect on today and the years past, I find great truth in these words. I have…

Creating Innovators: STEM and Competency-Based Education

With the workplace changing so dramatically, we need to ensure that our children are receiving an education that will prepare them for this dynamic work environment. There are so many options out there and as they enter the workforce they will likely change jobs multiple…

How to start an association in Utah

Growing Utah’s Tech Sector

Innovation is at the heart of tech. My experience around the country has shown me that there is an entrepreneurial spirit in Utah that is unmatched. For a plethora of reasons, Utahns are generally good at looking for disruptive technologies and they aren’t afraid to fail….