Hire A Lobbyist in the Coming Year: Here are 7 Reasons Why you Might Want to

It is the season of strategy models and projections for the upcoming year, and as your organization weighs proposed methods and programs against desired goals and outcomes, you should consider if it is the right move to hire a lobbyist.

The answer is likely yes. 

Companies in nearly every industry, from Fortune 500 brands to small businesses, are impacted by myriad government regulations, potential policy changes and the ever-shifting legislative landscape. How do you navigate the complicated, and often costly, world of politics and policy? 

Lobbyists do what you and your organization cannot. 

It is difficult for average citizens to gain an audience with lawmakers and other government employees. After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of special interests, non-profits, and businesses vying for the attention of our elected officials. And, trying to get their attention on your own takes a lot of heavy-lifting and time. 

Lobbyists, however, have critical experience navigating the complex world of policy-making in order to find the best solutions. They have detailed and essential knowledge about the legislative process. Perhaps most importantly, they can access the decision-makers who impact that process.  

Here are 7 reasons why it is in your organization’s best interest to hire a lobbyist:


Could your organization simply send an executive or one of your top sales professionals to try and get the attention of the government agencies you are hoping to work with? Of course. It might even, at first glance, seem to be more cost-effective. 

However, without understanding the nuance of agency you are seeking to work with, or the positions and relationships of the legislators you hope to champion your initiative, you could actually generate the kind of attention that is counterproductive to your cause. 

A professional government relations lobbyist has both extensive and day-to-day experience working with policy-makers and elected officials. They know who to contact, who to avoid, and how to guide each initiative they work on to success.  


Relationships are important in any sphere, but especially when it comes to working with government. The best political lobbyists are those who share a history with the elected officials currently in power. They have worked with them on past projects and in various positions. 

At The Lockhart Group, our principal lobbyist has been working with the Utah State legislature and elected officials for more than two decades, gaining the trust and respect of policy-makers across the state. That trust is key when it comes to choosing a good lobbyist. 


While there are no guarantees that any government relations consultant will be able to deliver your desired outcome, if it can be done, a good lobbyist will usually accomplish it much sooner than you could have on your own. Speed and efficiency are critical when working with policy-makers, especially if you are dealing with a time-sensitive issue.   


Building relationships of trust among the inner circle of government agencies and players takes a substantial amount of time.  It takes more time to move or influence and agenda. You must know how to navigate complex political processes efficiently and understand the timeline requirements of any legislative, regulatory or procurement measure. 

While it is possible for your team to build those relationships and foster such knowledge in-house, it usually doesn’t make sense too. Rather, if you hire a lobbyist who already understands the procedures and history of certain initiatives, holds trusted relationships and is knowledgeable about critical government timelines is more efficient, cost effective, and helps you build successful partnerships that last for years.  


Good political lobbyists are expert strategists. They stay on top of current politics and also know what legislation has succeeded and failed in the past. 

First-hand knowledge of the government agencies you seek to work with, and the players in those agencies is critical; and experience, information and knowledge are what effective lobbyists deal in every day. 

They know what to say, and even more importantly, what not to say. 


Remember, the lobbyist you choose to work with has a reputation they have built and protected long before their partnership with your firm. 

Lobbyists understand that acting with ethics and integrity not only continues to build their trust and influence among elected officials and government agencies, but also safeguards the reputation of their firm.  


It’s simple. If results matter, you should hire a lobbyist. 

Whether you need help devising a funding strategy, articulating your cause, keeping your issue top-of-mind for a lawmaker, or diving into the complex regulatory and compliance issues that often influence agendas, a professional lobbyist can help you each step of the way. They specialize in presenting your concerns to the right people and work tirelessly to achieve the results you hope for. 

Even the most talented and committed private-sector leaders often have difficulty navigating the black box of modern government. With the support and strategy of a professional government relations expert, success for your business and your goals is far more likely. If you need help with an issue, or are just looking to grow the government sector of your business in Utah, The Lockhart Group can help. Contact us today to find out how.