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From congressional and statewide elections to local municipal races, The Lockhart Group has helped some of Utah’s greatest leaders win elections. 

We provide customized political strategy, messages that move numbers, and Get-Out-The-Vote programs designed to get your voters to the polls. 

With experience in every dimension of winning a political campaign, The Lockhart Group doesn’t leave anything to chance, guiding you through a focused field and targeting plan, rapid response needs, political outreach, fundraising efforts, press strategy, and direct voter contact efforts. 

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  • Campaign development, launch, and management for candidates, referendums and ballot initiatives
  • Political Action Committee (PAC) development and management
  • Political campaign planning and counsel
  • Political vendor assessment and insight
  • Event development and management
  • Fundraising advisement and strategy
  • Message and collateral development
``He’s passionate about our students getting that type of education they deserve so they can make a way for themselves in the world. When you talk about Stan Lockhart , that’s one of the things he works on wherever he goes—making sure that people have opportunities to develop and grow and become better. He works hard to be the best he can be, and he is dedicated to helping others be the best they can be as well.``
Val Peterson UVU VP of Finance and Administration and Legislator
Val Peterson

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