Government Relations & Lobbying

The Lockhart Group leverages extensive experience in navigating federal, state, municipal, and county government levels to create winning solutions for clients in multiple areas including:

  • Procurement
  • Business development
  • Permitting
  • Legislative
  • Regulatory
  • Community affairs

The Lockhart Group works closely with you to understand your unique advocacy objectives and/or business model. We will help you as you define your goals and provide ongoing support to ensure that you achieve those goals. As you cultivate and manage the strategic partnerships and coalitions that are critical to your success, we will be by your side giving you direction.


  • Local, state and federal administrative, legislative and regulatory lobbying
  • Policy analysis and message development
  • Legislative tracking and bill monitoring
  • Issue advocacy
  • Relationship development and influencer engagement
  • Research, analysis, and reporting
“Even when Stan is advocating for a client, he keeps what’s best for everyone at the top of his mind. The thing about Stan is he’s just a genuine, good person. He wants to do what is best for everyone involved. I’ve watched him work with people who had vastly different opinions and views, and he does a wonderful job of making sure everyone feels they are heard and respected.”
Val Peterson Vice President of Finance & Administration at UVU and Legislator
Val Peterson

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Government Relations & Lobbying

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