Policy, Issue & Crisis Communications

Being able to tell your story in a compelling way is critical to your success.

Whatever your goal, the Lockhart Group will work with you to optimize your communication strategy. Whether you need help with lobbying, public relations, or attracting investors, we are here to help.

Examples of services we can help with include: 

  • Issuing media statements on your behalf

  • Helping you prepare for media interviews

  • Submitting testimony to the legislature

  • Arranging successful on-message meetings with key influencers 

 Together, we will craft and implement your customized communications strategy.

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  • Crisis communications and rapid response
  • Customized communications plans
  • Speaking engagement consultation and training
  • Media statements and distribution
  • Social media management
  • Influencer communications
“Stan Lockhart is one of the best communicators in the state and has a real talent in helping people with divergent ideas find common ground upon which to build better solutions together.”

Matt Bowman
My Tech High

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